The Technology That Enables Live Casino

live casino

Live casino is a newer type of online gambling that combines real-time croupiers and dealers with a digital interface. These games are designed to replicate the feel of a land-based casino, and they are increasingly popular with players who enjoy offline gambling but cannot make it to their local casino.

There are many types of live casino games, but the most popular are blackjack and roulette. These games can be played with a live dealer and other players from around the world. These games are available at a variety of online casinos and they offer a high-quality experience that can be enjoyed on any device.

The technology that enables live casino isn’t as advanced as people might think. Rather, it relies on a number of pieces of hardware that are connected to the live stream. These include cameras, Internet connections, and software.

A camera is an important piece of technology that allows players to connect with a live dealer and play their favourite games in high definition. It also makes it possible to chat with the dealer in real-time, which means that all of your questions and problems can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Another piece of live casino technology is Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This technology has the ability to digitally recognise every character on the cards and a player’s screen. This makes it easy for the software to recognise winnings and loss and to deduct or award prizes.

In addition to this, a piece of hardware called a Game Control Unit is used to encode the video that is broadcast over the Internet. It is small and compact, like a shoe box, but it is crucial to the operation of live casinos.

The live stream itself is protected and encrypted, which means that the only people who can see it are those involved in the game itself. This is important as it prevents hackers from taking advantage of the technology and stealing money.

It also protects the casino’s reputation, which is essential for a successful business. It also helps to keep the game fair and ensures that all of the rules are respected.

Lastly, there is a monitor that is used to ensure that players and the dealer aren’t breaking any laws. This monitor also allows the dealer to keep track of all bets that have been placed.

This is important for the dealer as it means they can make sure that all of the correct bets are being placed, and if any aren’t then they are prompted to take action. It also lets the dealer know if they’ve won or lost and how much they have won.

Several other pieces of live casino technology are used to give players a high-quality, immersive experience. These include sensors that can detect the position of a roulette wheel and an ingenious piece of hardware known as a GCU that digitizes the information that is being transmitted between the computer and the live table. Without this technology, it would be impossible for a live casino to function.